Sewing is one of my favorite hobbies. I have been doing it in one form or another since I was 5 years old and my mom taught me embroidery. I started using my mom's sewing machine when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I currently own a 1960 Necchi that once belonged to my late grandmother. I have sewed everything from silk to upholstery and enjoy trying new fabrics and techniques. I have a huge 'stash' of fabric, since I can't seem to resist the bargains on the remnant tables or at the factory outlets (Polartec® by the pound, anyone?)


This is a baby quilt I made for my friend's first baby. Of course, I didn't finish it until he turned one :-) It is made of cotton print fabric with a nautical theme, and was machine pieced and hand quilted.


This jacket was made for a friend's little boy. It's made of a fluffy fleece fabric (say that 3 times fast :-) and uses a Kwik-Sew pattern.


This is a satin robe I made for my sister-in-law, along with a couple of Christmas pillows I made for my in-laws.


Below, are several sets of Polartec pajamas I made for my friends' children.





Below, are two dresses that I am especially proud of. I went on a cruise to Alaska in July of 2002, and was disappointed with the selection of evening wear available in the stores. Everything was black (which doesn't look that terrific on me) or just didn't fit right. The prices were pretty high, too, so I decided to make some dresses that were in colors I liked and styles that looked good on me (and actually fit properly). They were definitely a challenge, but a lot of fun to make, and it was kind of a neat feeling to know that I was wearing 'originals' :-)

Here I am, standing next to the ship's captain in my blue satin off-the-shoulder gown. Yeah, my eyes are closed *sigh*. The ship's photographer wasn't very good. This dress was made with Butterick pattern 4301. The fabric is all polyester, so it can even be hand washed (or machine-washed on the delicate cycle). I made the wrap out of some nylon floral georgette-type fabric and some beaded trim. This dress really stood out! It is made with Butterick pattern 3451, and is made with some hot pink and gold silk brocade that I bought in Boston's Chinatown. The lining, silk charmeuse, actually cost more than the outer fabric! I made the gold wrap here as well. Definitely different!



Below, are some gifts I made for Christmas, 2002.




This is both views of a reversible Polartec® coat I made for my mom, using fleece I got at the Malden Mills factory outlet in Lawrence, MA. I used McCall's pattern number 2968, which wasn't reversible itself. I simply made two of them (minus the facings the pattern called for) and sewed them together. I had some great buttons in the same size and patterns in both red and blue (found them in a bargain bin at the Windsor Button Shop in Boston), so it suited the fleece colors perfectly.



Here's another reversible coat, using the same pattern as the one above, made for my aunt. This one has gray Polartec® on one side, and a patterned, woolly type of polarfleece on the other. Again, both were purchased at the Malden Mills factory outlet (I love that place - can't you tell? :-)


This is a Polartec® zippered fleece pullover I made for my brother. I used Kwik-Sew patter number 1916, in big (1X - 4X) sizes. It is a plain sweatshirt pattern that I modified by adding the zipper and a microfleece facing underneath, and using the collar from Kwik-Sew pattern 2293 (polarfleece zipped jacket). I also added about 6 inches to the length (my brother is 6'5" tall :-) and finished it with a hem instead of ribbing. I also added length to the sleeves and made an elastic cuff instead of ribbing.

This is a zippered pullover I made for my other brother. I used some heavyweight cotton sweatshirt fabric that I purchased on a trip to New Zealand a couple of years ago (I just couldn't resist the price of NZ$8.00 per meter, which was about US$3.20 , for this wonderful fabric). I used the same patterns as for the fleece jacket on the left, and added length as well, since this brother is 6'6" tall.


This is a Polartec® coat for my friend's daughter's American Girl® doll. This one used Simplicity pattern 8962 and also comes with a matching hat (picture not available at this time).

This are some Barbie® clothes made for my friend's other daughter. The scrubs (cotton oxford cloth) and the pink dress (remnant of silk charmeuse that I used on an evening gown) were made from McCall's pattern number 9663. The gown to the right (forest green spandex velvet) was made with McCall's pattern number 8552.



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